Thursday, December 2, 2010

Running or When the S@#$ hits the fan

Yesterday, a friend of mine, on the fly, invited me to join in and register to a Run for a Cause gig called "Run for BB2". Proceeds to the event will help 7 kids with cancer. Being the guy that I am, soft hearted and all gave in and with a what-the-hey attitude proceeded to register and somehow felt good about it being that somehow, in some little way I get to help them. When I handed in the registration form and the guys there gave me a receipt, then it hit me like a friggin' hard brick hard down the back of my head, how can I possibly finish the 5k race? I can't even do a lap without straining my muscles to up. I even half jokingly told me friend that we just register and cough up the fee and just get the freebies and never show up on the event day and in which my friend whole heartedly felt that we should try it or die trying to finish the run by hook or by crook for experience sake which both of us, by the way, never in our natural born lives ever participated in a running event and in which he triumphantly said that there's always a first time for everything. Gotta hand it to him on that one.

To make a long story short, I am not prepared to do the 5k run this Sunday and by golly its fast approaching and all the running angels can't help me even if I prep up every early morn (which I do for the past 3 months now reasons being another post altogether) treading down the old Cebu City Sports Center Oval. So, anyone reading this, wish my friend and I luck and hope we pull this thru to the end. I was really planning on joining a running gig or a marathon even when I feel that I am well equipped body and mind to doing so, a year or two maybe and joining this Sunday kinda feels like premature but its just me really because I was born a premature baby so I do things prematurely often times but like a good soldier I tread on to the uncertainties and eventually enjoy/suffer the consequences that awaits me. That's life really and maybe running is the same, join in and learn from the experience and the next time be more readily prepared or something. Wish me luck.

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