Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comatose's Full Length Album Launching

For purposes of updating this pathetic personal blog of mine for my lack of ingenuity or passion for things blogging, and yes, my mojo has not reared its helpful little head yet although a lot of things happening/coming my way this coming months and one of those is the actual purpose of this post. A self plugging for my band again. Agnas will be opening for Comatose this coming Aug. 20, 2011 and it is our pleasure to receive such honor. We have played with the guys since 2007 and I am pleased to see them launching finally a first full length album of pure death metal goodness and spearheading the Cebu death metal scene. Sadly, for my band has yet to do such a same feat, hopefully by the end of this year we will (crosses fingers and legs). Well, if you guys are interested and free come Aug. 20 and you happen to be in Cebu City, Philippines in all of places then my hat is off to you and thanks for the support that we really need. Horns up, amigos!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where's my Mojo or the New Kids on the Creative Block

My ever persistent bestfriend, Mr. Wall...
(photo courtesy)

I've been in a state of creative block for about 5 months now and I don't think it's going to let up soon. Sadness all over. My dry spell started immediately after finishing my indie comics Boy Sipok: Komikon 2010 edition last November 2010 which was well received by our bros./sis. there in Manila during Komikon 2010 (tnx a lot guys). I have always had this kinda thing whenever a big event/project comes my way, sort of like a bane during the aftermath but this time the periods are getting longer. It's not just my drawing/art is affected, even my writing. I haven't really updated my blog with worth while content since then. Even my band wasn't spared, we backed out on a couple of gigs here and there and when we ever did played a gig, my enthusiasm was right next to that of a doorknob. Everything is not in its place so it seems. Where is my friggin mojo, damnit! Maybe I just procrastinate too much for my own good or maybe, just maybe, I got busy with life altogether. Being that I now have an adorable son to call my own (raising a kid ain't no walk in the park as they say) and whether he likes it or not he is tasked to spread loose my terribly awesome genes in the society at large and my future secured.

Maybe this is not a creative block but the loss and curse of the craft that I so love. Namely drawing, writing and kick ass music playing, in any damn order. Gods forbid. I do not like this predicament. Not one bit. All I can ever do is hope.

A lot of things are coming my way creative wise but I don't know if I can catch up with it. The only thing I am ever good at nowadays is space out and stare at this huge imaginary wall always in front of me day in day out  till I fall asleep. Pathetic, I know. Wish me luck, I guess.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nervecell Live in Cebu!!!

(for more info, check out the official FB event page here)

Just want to do a little plug in here, maybe you guys want to support our little underground death metal scene here in Cebu this coming May 1, 2011. Me and the boys will be part of the opening act to Dubai's Nervecell who happens to be here in Cebu to promote their new album "Psychogenocide" and to grace our scene with bone crushing, skull chugging metal music. My band will be proudly be part of it thanks largely to CEMP and Cebu Metal Radio for making it a reality. It is somewhat a landmark event because it's a first for us to have a foreign metal band to hit our streets and play good metal here so its a thing to watch out for us metal junkies. And to add to it all a raffle will be held during the event to get a chance to get to win a signed BC Rich Warlock electric guitar!? and some other related Nervecell merchandise. WTF! is that something or is that something.  Just check out the poster for more details. So, grab your girl, grab your pole and lets take a trip to the old bung-hole come May 1 and bang our heads till our necks hurt. Ok?

Monday, March 28, 2011

My webcomics on Blogger

Just a little update. I finally get to transfer some scanned pages of the Boy Sipok comics I did way back last year at the first Cebu Comics Convention and one for the 2010 Manila Komikon. It has been a blast doing this bad boy and I do hope to do a slew of others soonest as I get my groove back. I miss comic books and the process of making one and be a part of  the whole Cebu Comic Book scene. Last Saturday, me, together with the SDR Comics Crew, Ms. Kat Layno-Lewis and Pong Pagong did an interview with some regional arm of one of the top TV stations here in the country. An episode about comics and naturally we took part of it in representing Cebu and the scene in general. It was a blast, my face time for it was maybe a minute or two and once the episode is aired (this Saturday hopefully) I hope my interview segment does not get sliced up or I said something ridiculous or I didn't make an @$$ of myself on TV for that  matter. Not that I care, I was happy enough just being around. By the way, if anyone's interested in Boy Sipok Comics, just click or type in your favorite browser this address--->> and make me happy. Nuff said.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Exercise in Futility: Vignette No.1

Here's something I came up with awhile back and decided to publish it on Scribd to make it look more professional looking on the web and looked cooler embedded in this blogpost as well. Critics are highly appreciated. Its just a very short short, a vignette. Nothing fancy just word play. Another exercise in futility. I'll be posting more stuff of this nature here as soon as I make another one. Enjoy.
Waiting In Vain at the End of the World

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the year that was and the year that will be

A lot has happened to me this year and this will ever be the year to remember for me. A lot of first actually, good or bad, just to list a few:

1. July was when the wife finally got pregnant (yay!).

2. August I met my new friend in misery Mr. Diabetes hand in hand with Mr. Hypertension and I think we get long just fine for now. Always at bay.

3.September I participated in the 1st Cebu Comics Convention with my artist friends and I launced Boy Sipok comics there.

4.September also was my late start to the running (or jogging) craze because of  list no.2.

5.November I get to launch another Boy Sipok comics at the Komikon 2010 Manila but I wasn't there only the comics was, brought by my artist friends to peddle with.

6. July we started on our future house's mortgage.

7. In relation to list no. 1, October we knew we were expecting a baby boy.

8.December I enlisted on a 5k Run for a Cause Race because my good friend forced me to even without much preparation and finished it with an embarrassing record mostly with a walk/run strategy that comprised mostly of walks to make up for it next time soonest when I think I can finally have a decent time.

...and a slew of significant and other not so significant things that's happened in the past 12 months that comprised of my at the least colorful 2010. It was a blast and I learned and matured as a person this year and I think its good over all. Here's wishing for a better, brighter and more challenged filled 2011 to all of you. :)