Saturday, January 1, 2011

the year that was and the year that will be

A lot has happened to me this year and this will ever be the year to remember for me. A lot of first actually, good or bad, just to list a few:

1. July was when the wife finally got pregnant (yay!).

2. August I met my new friend in misery Mr. Diabetes hand in hand with Mr. Hypertension and I think we get long just fine for now. Always at bay.

3.September I participated in the 1st Cebu Comics Convention with my artist friends and I launced Boy Sipok comics there.

4.September also was my late start to the running (or jogging) craze because of  list no.2.

5.November I get to launch another Boy Sipok comics at the Komikon 2010 Manila but I wasn't there only the comics was, brought by my artist friends to peddle with.

6. July we started on our future house's mortgage.

7. In relation to list no. 1, October we knew we were expecting a baby boy.

8.December I enlisted on a 5k Run for a Cause Race because my good friend forced me to even without much preparation and finished it with an embarrassing record mostly with a walk/run strategy that comprised mostly of walks to make up for it next time soonest when I think I can finally have a decent time.

...and a slew of significant and other not so significant things that's happened in the past 12 months that comprised of my at the least colorful 2010. It was a blast and I learned and matured as a person this year and I think its good over all. Here's wishing for a better, brighter and more challenged filled 2011 to all of you. :)