Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introductions, jogging routines and the pursuit of wellness

Not Me
First an introduction to the future hullaballoo posts which I will be more frequent in this here blog, I don’t know what significance will it have on anything other than just be a weekly log of my daily jogging routines in and about town and that it will keep this blog updated on a regular basis with useful nothings, really.

I seriously started jogging around early September this year mainly because the previous month to that I was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic which added insult to injury to my already chronic condition of being Hypertensive. It practically came like a thief in the night, so to speak, well… not really, I felt that I had it coming. I was abusive to my body at an early age. I started smoking around 6th grade but ended this affair with the white lady in November 2005 for personal reasons and haven’t smoked a stick since and loving it but I imagined the damage it did to my breathers thru the years. Also, I drink booze heavily when I was in high school thru college setting aside some “patak2x” money with the bros for some shots mostly hard drinks and then the beer eventually but when I was already working that has changed from heavy drinking to seldom maybe twice a week on weekends. It was no secret even that I’ve had my share of the poor man’s powder and miss mary jane in between my schooling days due to peer pressure and being a curious cat that I am then, but I never really got addicted to it (honestly!), just for show really that I was cool with the bros and all, no serious abuse on that department. And to add to all them vices I have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a steady 30+ years. A couch potato advocate and I have ignored the sound of the bell tolling on me fast.

Then early this year, like I said earlier, the news of me having a chronic disease shook me up and it made me wake up and smell the carcass. My doctor told me to have a lifestyle change fast or I’ll be put in the box early as my father was before me. Of all the possible things I could think of doing to attain that Jogging was the only plausible route to take. It practically cost next to nothing compared to the others (i.e. enroll in a Fitness Gym, buy a Tread Mill, hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer or buy a Training Bicycle). All I need is some sturdy running shoes and huge amounts of determination then I am good to go. And so, jog I did as much as I can till I feel good about myself. It is not an easy thing to do but I know I am getting there slowly but surely. From a walk and jog which consist mostly of more walks that runs to a more run than walk routine and more mileage from day to day, I am still hoping I can do it and the rest, as they say, is still unfolding before me. So far I have lost 20 lbs from the last 3 months of doing it and now I can do 2 steady run laps (I believe the oval near our place is 400 meters in length) in the oval non-stop before walking again to recover so, what’s not to love about it.

Sorry for the long introduction, I just can’t help myself to do the tale of the tape.
Anyways, I will be posting a weekly Jog Log starting with Week 48 of 2010 to journalize whether I can keep it up or whether I am progressing or not or whether I need to shut up and quit it altogether because it’s not worth a damn crap doing. Blog post of this nature will be in this example format hopefully (subject to change without prior notice a.k.a. whatever suites my fancy):

Blog Title: Log No. W48-2010 (W-stands for the week of the calendar of the year)

Blog Body: Date/Time/Place/Duration/Walk-Run Routine/Playlist/Note to Self

Not Me Again

update/correction/change of mind/whatever:
I've decided not to the the thingee mentioned above to save me from embarassment or whatever...who would've wanted to read such crap anyways, no blogpost value whatsoever. I'm just gonna put a link on the side bar in this here blog to a site that caters to that kinda thing called the Daily Mile, so if you happen to click the link just humor me and view the embarrassing stats or ignore it thank you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I want for Xmas...I got in advance

Whew, I can see a trend going in this blog. Can you guess? I just recently caught up with the running bug three months back and still on it since and improving (I hope) and loving it. From 210 lbs. to a humble 180 lbs. (my target is 150 lbs. but I'll make it up next year, a lot of parties happening this season so that's that) partly because of my daily jog routine, what's not to love about it?

Anyways, I have been wanting for the nth time to buy a new pair of runs so that I can have an alternate one to use during my daily routines but alas, financial constraints creeping up almost every day so I shoved the idea in the closet of my mind. Yet, lo and behold, I saw this one, an Avia A5341mbs running shoes, on sale at the Metro Ayala the other day almost at 30% discount and I begged, pleaded on bended knees to the wife to buy(i.e. use the credit card) this one and miss not on the opportunity. I was eyeing them black (yes, black is my favorite color) New Balances on sale at White Gold but still to much strain on the budget and this one (now dubbed as Sharkee and as  my Reebok was dubbed Black No.1 ) fits just nicely on the thresholds of our budget.

Avia A5341MBS a.k.a. Sharkee
I am no expert in the science of running/running shoes but I was sold as the sales guy told and explained to me the benefits of having Sharkee. He told me stuff about the tech they put in every Avia shoes like them Cantilever Technology thingee which this baby has to make the running feel like your heels are bouncing once it touches terra firma and things about comfort, stability and cushioning to consider when buying running shoes. The sales guys at the Fila and Peak were not much help on this department but the Reebok guy did but the one I liked had no size 10 available.  I've already used Sharkee yesterday and today to break it in and for now I'm liking the feel of it and I am happy with the purchase. Makes me want to use it more and more than Black No.1 but then I remembered that I bought it as an alternate. I think next time when the time comes to buy a new pair, I will surely pick up Avia again. Nuff said. Merry Xmas to me, I guess.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run for BB2: The aftermath

Well, as far as my previous post is concerned, my s#$% didn't hit the fan as expected during my first ever 5k race last Dec. 5, 2010. In fact, I was too overly pessimistic and maybe stressed out a bit of having to register for the Run for BB2 Fun Run which made me post such but all in all my first time race was a humbling learning experience. There were 1000+ in attendance during the race and some of the familiar veteran runners who regularly do their early morning runs at the Cebu City Sports Center were there joining in and made sure us newbies watch in envy and learn from them at a distance. I finished the 5k leg pitifully at a PR of 00:50:19:?? just a 20 minute bit over than the respectable run time of 30 mins and mostly executed with a run/walk/run/walk intervals thru the finish line. Hey, the organizers said it was OK to walk, so, walk I did as my feet grew tired and run I did as my feet was feeling ok again. Is it a crime? I hope not. Be gently with me coz it's my first time. The run made me wish to my teeth that I'll do better next time and train properly if I possibly can till the next run. As for the event and its organizer, kudos to them for doing an excellent job at making sure the run was smooth as silk. Directed by the Runcheck crew whom I think is already a pro at directing such events. But who the frig am I to know about race events and things, it's just my own humble f@#$ opinion about the event and who gives a flying A. Anyways, I thank Chuck and Eiko (the terrible and deadly duo) for egging me on to join the fun run.  It was worth while experience and a good clean fun to boot plus I get to help out coz it's a run for a cause gig. Here's a pic via my camphone or two of the event.

Proof of Life: Race Bib with race organizers pen slash
Me and DeathMetal Drummer Extraordinnaire/Buddy Chuck
Friggin' Jollibee in tha hauz! with a PR of 14 mins. at 5k, much respect to tha bee!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Running or When the S@#$ hits the fan

Yesterday, a friend of mine, on the fly, invited me to join in and register to a Run for a Cause gig called "Run for BB2". Proceeds to the event will help 7 kids with cancer. Being the guy that I am, soft hearted and all gave in and with a what-the-hey attitude proceeded to register and somehow felt good about it being that somehow, in some little way I get to help them. When I handed in the registration form and the guys there gave me a receipt, then it hit me like a friggin' hard brick hard down the back of my head, how can I possibly finish the 5k race? I can't even do a lap without straining my muscles to up. I even half jokingly told me friend that we just register and cough up the fee and just get the freebies and never show up on the event day and in which my friend whole heartedly felt that we should try it or die trying to finish the run by hook or by crook for experience sake which both of us, by the way, never in our natural born lives ever participated in a running event and in which he triumphantly said that there's always a first time for everything. Gotta hand it to him on that one.

To make a long story short, I am not prepared to do the 5k run this Sunday and by golly its fast approaching and all the running angels can't help me even if I prep up every early morn (which I do for the past 3 months now reasons being another post altogether) treading down the old Cebu City Sports Center Oval. So, anyone reading this, wish my friend and I luck and hope we pull this thru to the end. I was really planning on joining a running gig or a marathon even when I feel that I am well equipped body and mind to doing so, a year or two maybe and joining this Sunday kinda feels like premature but its just me really because I was born a premature baby so I do things prematurely often times but like a good soldier I tread on to the uncertainties and eventually enjoy/suffer the consequences that awaits me. That's life really and maybe running is the same, join in and learn from the experience and the next time be more readily prepared or something. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Failure for gods

Whew, November is over! and the whew bit is not that I have actually made an effort to participate in the National Novel Writing Month for 2010 but a big whew to the fact that I didn't even made an effort to have a word count whatsoever in the pursuit to the challenge and the spirit of Nanowrimo to make a novel for about a month. A have a lot of reasons for that and I won't even make them visible in this here blog post for I will tire and bore you readers surely. One thing's for sure though, I failed big time. What was I thinking when I signed over a month before? Well, lesson learned and now on to the next as they say. I won't promise to participate next year but I know I will keep tabs on it every now and's to the brave men and women who fought a good fight on the 50,000 words in 1 month challenge, I salute you.