Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I want for Xmas...I got in advance

Whew, I can see a trend going in this blog. Can you guess? I just recently caught up with the running bug three months back and still on it since and improving (I hope) and loving it. From 210 lbs. to a humble 180 lbs. (my target is 150 lbs. but I'll make it up next year, a lot of parties happening this season so that's that) partly because of my daily jog routine, what's not to love about it?

Anyways, I have been wanting for the nth time to buy a new pair of runs so that I can have an alternate one to use during my daily routines but alas, financial constraints creeping up almost every day so I shoved the idea in the closet of my mind. Yet, lo and behold, I saw this one, an Avia A5341mbs running shoes, on sale at the Metro Ayala the other day almost at 30% discount and I begged, pleaded on bended knees to the wife to buy(i.e. use the credit card) this one and miss not on the opportunity. I was eyeing them black (yes, black is my favorite color) New Balances on sale at White Gold but still to much strain on the budget and this one (now dubbed as Sharkee and as  my Reebok was dubbed Black No.1 ) fits just nicely on the thresholds of our budget.

Avia A5341MBS a.k.a. Sharkee
I am no expert in the science of running/running shoes but I was sold as the sales guy told and explained to me the benefits of having Sharkee. He told me stuff about the tech they put in every Avia shoes like them Cantilever Technology thingee which this baby has to make the running feel like your heels are bouncing once it touches terra firma and things about comfort, stability and cushioning to consider when buying running shoes. The sales guys at the Fila and Peak were not much help on this department but the Reebok guy did but the one I liked had no size 10 available.  I've already used Sharkee yesterday and today to break it in and for now I'm liking the feel of it and I am happy with the purchase. Makes me want to use it more and more than Black No.1 but then I remembered that I bought it as an alternate. I think next time when the time comes to buy a new pair, I will surely pick up Avia again. Nuff said. Merry Xmas to me, I guess.

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