Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run for BB2: The aftermath

Well, as far as my previous post is concerned, my s#$% didn't hit the fan as expected during my first ever 5k race last Dec. 5, 2010. In fact, I was too overly pessimistic and maybe stressed out a bit of having to register for the Run for BB2 Fun Run which made me post such but all in all my first time race was a humbling learning experience. There were 1000+ in attendance during the race and some of the familiar veteran runners who regularly do their early morning runs at the Cebu City Sports Center were there joining in and made sure us newbies watch in envy and learn from them at a distance. I finished the 5k leg pitifully at a PR of 00:50:19:?? just a 20 minute bit over than the respectable run time of 30 mins and mostly executed with a run/walk/run/walk intervals thru the finish line. Hey, the organizers said it was OK to walk, so, walk I did as my feet grew tired and run I did as my feet was feeling ok again. Is it a crime? I hope not. Be gently with me coz it's my first time. The run made me wish to my teeth that I'll do better next time and train properly if I possibly can till the next run. As for the event and its organizer, kudos to them for doing an excellent job at making sure the run was smooth as silk. Directed by the Runcheck crew whom I think is already a pro at directing such events. But who the frig am I to know about race events and things, it's just my own humble f@#$ opinion about the event and who gives a flying A. Anyways, I thank Chuck and Eiko (the terrible and deadly duo) for egging me on to join the fun run.  It was worth while experience and a good clean fun to boot plus I get to help out coz it's a run for a cause gig. Here's a pic via my camphone or two of the event.

Proof of Life: Race Bib with race organizers pen slash
Me and DeathMetal Drummer Extraordinnaire/Buddy Chuck
Friggin' Jollibee in tha hauz! with a PR of 14 mins. at 5k, much respect to tha bee!

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