Monday, March 28, 2011

My webcomics on Blogger

Just a little update. I finally get to transfer some scanned pages of the Boy Sipok comics I did way back last year at the first Cebu Comics Convention and one for the 2010 Manila Komikon. It has been a blast doing this bad boy and I do hope to do a slew of others soonest as I get my groove back. I miss comic books and the process of making one and be a part of  the whole Cebu Comic Book scene. Last Saturday, me, together with the SDR Comics Crew, Ms. Kat Layno-Lewis and Pong Pagong did an interview with some regional arm of one of the top TV stations here in the country. An episode about comics and naturally we took part of it in representing Cebu and the scene in general. It was a blast, my face time for it was maybe a minute or two and once the episode is aired (this Saturday hopefully) I hope my interview segment does not get sliced up or I said something ridiculous or I didn't make an @$$ of myself on TV for that  matter. Not that I care, I was happy enough just being around. By the way, if anyone's interested in Boy Sipok Comics, just click or type in your favorite browser this address--->> and make me happy. Nuff said.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Exercise in Futility: Vignette No.1

Here's something I came up with awhile back and decided to publish it on Scribd to make it look more professional looking on the web and looked cooler embedded in this blogpost as well. Critics are highly appreciated. Its just a very short short, a vignette. Nothing fancy just word play. Another exercise in futility. I'll be posting more stuff of this nature here as soon as I make another one. Enjoy.
Waiting In Vain at the End of the World