Monday, April 18, 2011

Nervecell Live in Cebu!!!

(for more info, check out the official FB event page here)

Just want to do a little plug in here, maybe you guys want to support our little underground death metal scene here in Cebu this coming May 1, 2011. Me and the boys will be part of the opening act to Dubai's Nervecell who happens to be here in Cebu to promote their new album "Psychogenocide" and to grace our scene with bone crushing, skull chugging metal music. My band will be proudly be part of it thanks largely to CEMP and Cebu Metal Radio for making it a reality. It is somewhat a landmark event because it's a first for us to have a foreign metal band to hit our streets and play good metal here so its a thing to watch out for us metal junkies. And to add to it all a raffle will be held during the event to get a chance to get to win a signed BC Rich Warlock electric guitar!? and some other related Nervecell merchandise. WTF! is that something or is that something.  Just check out the poster for more details. So, grab your girl, grab your pole and lets take a trip to the old bung-hole come May 1 and bang our heads till our necks hurt. Ok?

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